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Established in 1942

The practice was established in 1942 by Mary Jane Devine, mother of Nancy Poe, in Lake Alfred, Florida where she operated out of her home. There was still a “war tax” at that time, which is what inspired her to start the practice. In 1955, she moved to Haines City and continued to operate out of her home until 1965 when she built a separate office from her home on the same property.

Nancy Poe began helping Mary Jane part time with accounting and payroll in 1966 while she continued with her school teacher position. In 1980, Nancy resigned from her teaching job and went back to college to study accounting and taxes. In 1993 she began to work full time for the practice.

All accounting and tax returns were prepared manually until 1987 when computers and software were put into use. Manual preparation is invaluable experience as you have to truly understand what it is you’re preparing, rather than relying on software to compute everything.

Mary Jane Devine retired in 1995 but Nancy continued on with the help of staff accountants/tax preparers along the way.

In 2014, Nancy decided it was time to slow down a bit so she sold the practice to Laurie Santana but continued to work part time until 2021 when she decided it was time to retire.

The practice is currently located at 5570 US Hwy 17-92 West, Suite 80, Haines City, FL 33844